UK International Search & Rescue Team (UKISAR) Equipment And Logistics Support

5 February, 2019

UKISAR was formed in 1993 and is a co-operative of 15 Fire and Rescue Services. Each Service contributes competent personnel and equipment plus arrangements to provide these resources, when requested.

In addition to highly trained Rescue personnel, UKISAR has a contingent of medical experts who are trained and equipped to deliver clinical care to those that need it after disasters anywhere in the world.

UKISAR engaged The Event Medicine Company in 2010 to procure, hold ready, and deploy – at 4 hours’ notice – all its medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, as and when required to support a disaster situation. This is a sizeable and important undertaking, with over 570Kg of equipment needed to fulfil this requirement at any one time.


The 570kg of equipment held, managed and maintained by The Event Medicine Company is boxed in 16 large crates, all weighed and checked with a full manifest, waiting for the UKISAR logistics team to collect it, on demand, at any time of day or night.

Because of the diverse range of situations UKISAR encounter, the requirements for the team are often complex. The equipment held must therefore be as comprehensive as possible, in order to support the different scenarios UKISAR members deal with (once the UK government approves their deployment to a disaster zone).

Equipment requirements generally include:

  • Resuscitation equipment and pharmaceuticals
  • Specialist scales for deployment into the rubble pile, including specialist dressings, equipment for the management of crush injuries, and anaesthetics
  • Primary care pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics, medication to manage blood pressure or heart problems, and medications for respiratory problems
  • Base of Operations – this element is a small Field Medical Facility that is usually set up on the edge of a hot zone at a disaster (the UKISAR team will work both here and at the front line of an incident, to ensure those trapped, ill or injured can receive the care they need).

In total, there are 1,089 individual lines of equipment which the team needs to perform its vital role.


Once deployed,UKISAR typically has the following elements:

  • Base of Operations (BoO)- includes both trauma and medical capabilities
  • 2 Rubble Pile teams
  • 1 Resuscitation Team and facility
  • Nursing care
  • 1 Specialist Medical Team

The team’s previous deployments have included:

  • Earthquake in Haiti (2010)
  • Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan (2017)
  • Earthquake in New Zealand
  • Earthquake in Nepal


Large scale event – RNAS Yeovilton
Medium scale event – Ironman Triathlon
Small scale event – Eton College Sports


When you first contact us, our team will discuss your event with you and provide advice on the level of medical support typically needed for it. This includes covering any legal requirements that may apply, so you are fully aware of your duties and responsibilities as an organiser.

Our experienced team apply their knowledge to help you with planning and risk assessments. They’ll also assist with any paperwork, related documents, and liaising with your local NHS hospital and ambulance services (where relevant), so preparations for your event run as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions, our Head Office team are happy to help you.


Whether you need medical support for a small, medium or large-scale event, The Event Medicine Company team are here to provide you with confidence and the peace of mind that our medical cover is both suitable and appropriate for whatever you are organising.

You also have the reassurance that our team of qualified First Aiders, HCPC registered Paramedics, Emergency Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance Technicians, Medical Technicians, and advanced medical and critical care teams are all fully insured for Public Liability, Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity.

To find out more or to discuss your event, please use the two links below to contact us or place an enquiry.

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