Name: Dr Brian Robertson, OStJ, TD, MICPEM

EMC Role: Chairman and Founder

Joined EMC: June 2002

Responsibilities at EMC: Chairman of the Board of Directors and Management Team.

Qualifications & Experience: Brian founded The Event Medicine Company in 2002, following 22 years in General Practice.
He has lectured nationally and internationally on pre-hospital care, mass gathering medicine, and medical major incident management, where his considerable experience in the field of pre-hospital medicine and major incident management has provided invaluable insight (including being part of the response teams for the Clapham, Purley and Ufton Nervet rail incidents, the Hungerford massacre, and the Marchioness disaster).
Brian served in the Regular Royal Army Medical Corps for 8 years (1971-1979)and then in the Reserve until 2006. Between 1985 and 1994 he was Squadron Commander of the Ambulance Train Squadron RAMC(V): a unit responsible for running all British Army Ambulance Trains in Europe; subsequently promoted to the rank of Colonel L/RAMC and appointed Commanding Officer of 306 Field Hospital (V).
He was awarded the Territorial Decoration in 1989, and in 1992 was admitted as an Officer Brother of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem. He was later awarded the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal in 1996, with a first clasp in 2001.
In 1997 Brian was awarded the Haywood Medal by the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) for his contribution to pre-hospital care in the U.K., and in 2002 was awarded the highly prestigious Asmund Laerdal Award for “outstanding services to Immediate Care”.
He was the Tactical Medical Commander (Silver Doctor) for the funeral of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in London in 2002, and has been the Medical Director of the Farnborough International Airshow since 1996.
In 2005, he was Medical Co-ordinator (Civil) for the Ministry of Defence (Royal Navy) for the events to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar held in Portsmouth.
Between 2002 and 2008 he was a member of the Board of the Football Licensing Authority (which is now the Sports Ground Safety Authority), and sat on the Working Parties that reviewed the Medical Chapters in both the Guide to the Safety at Sports Grounds (The Green Guide) and the Event Safety Guide (The Purple Guide).

Most memorable EMC moment to date: Planning for and responsible for the delivery of medical cover to the NATO Summit held at the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales in 2014, where The Event Medicine Company was responsible for the care of 65 Heads of States and World Leaders (along with their entourages).

Name: Dr Kiki Steel

EMC Role: Medical Director/ General Practitioner/ Pre-hospital Care Practitioner

Joined EMC: May2003

Responsibilities at EMC: Medical lead for the company doctors, collating and authorising PGDs, other clinical documents and updates, Event Doctor at EMC events.

Qualifications & Experience: : Dr Steel has a MSc (with merit) in Health Incident Command, MBChB, DRCOG, DFSRH, works as a part-time GP partner, and is a pre-hospital care practitioner. She is a GP Appraiser and Medical Director for the Sealed Knot Medical Society.
An instructor and course director for BASICS Education, as well as teaching pre-hospital care in the U.K. and overseas (including Cyprus, Malta and Greece), Dr Steel has also provided expert guidance to the British Army in Kenya. She holds the role of Specialist Medical Advisor for the Cyprus National Ambulance Service.

Most memorable EMC moment to date: : “From an event side, holding the role of Forward Medical Officer at events has been the most interesting clinical role, from the delights of watching the Music in the Air event, to being an integral part of Farnborough International Air show.
At a personal level, my most memorable moments have involved treating people in emergencies, knowing the treatment has saved their lives. This has happened on many occasions, notably dealing with a cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis and a heat illness, with the patients being discharged from hospital alive and well – nothing can ever beat that!”

Name: Tim Nuttall

EMC Role: Operations Director

Joined EMC: July 2002

Responsibilities at EMC: Director of the Company, Clinical Governance Lead, Event Planning and Co-ordination, oversight and delivery of Clinical Care.

Qualifications & Experience: Tim is a Registered Nurse with a background and specialist qualifications in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care, both in the military and civilian world.
He is the Honorary Education Facilitator for the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) and an active Critical Care Nurse responder for his local BASICS Scheme (LIVES).
Tim holds an MSc in Health Incident Command and teaches both pre-hospital care and major incident management in the U.K., Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

Most memorable EMC moment to date: “Being involved in the support of the Popular Flying Club Association Rally at Cranfield in 2002; the very first event that The Event Medicine Company covered, where those present shared the vision and ‘blue- sky thinking’ for how the Company could develop and expand to the stage we are now at and beyond.”

Name: Adam Waller

EMC Role: Director Business Development/ Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Joined EMC: January 2009

Responsibilities at EMC: Business Development, Medical control services, IT and fleet (in addition to Adam’s clinical responsibilities)

Qualifications & Experience: Adam currently practices as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in both Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine and has recently completed an MSc in Emergency Medicine. He has a background in both emergency and paediatric nursing.
Very active within the Search & Rescue field, Adam is the Clinical Lead and Search Manager for his local team and has national portfolio roles as a National Search Advisor and Assistant Medical Director.

Most memorable EMC moment to date: “The experience of securing and delivering on the medical cover for the European Championships (Glasgow) in 2018 has been one of my personal highlights.
The logistical and medical challenges that a multi-sport event presents, especially when held across a wide geographical area, are often huge. Leading the team to deliver the athlete medical contract was most definitely challenging, but also very rewarding.”

Name: Brendan Butcher

EMC Role: Support Services Manager

Joined EMC:

Responsibilities at EMC: Responsible for the Logistical Management of the entire EMC medical equipment scales and their readiness for deployments and events.

Qualifications & Experience:

Most memorable EMC moment to date:

Name: Ben Downer

EMC Role: Nurse Manager

Joined EMC: June 2008

Responsibilities at EMC: Line management of Nurses, Medical Technicians and admin staff. Ben supports the development of treatment pathways and policies to support our mission in delivering clinical excellence.

Qualifications & Experience: Ben is a Registered Nurse (Adult) and an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Emergency Medicine, working in a busy Emergency Department. He has worked in pre-hospital care with various organisations around the U.K. including the NHS Ambulance Service, the British Association forImmediate Care (BASICS) and with many voluntary/private services.
He currently has two post-registration bachelor’s degrees in Clinical Nursing and Emergency Care Practice, and further professional qualifications in pre-hospital emergency and trauma care, psychiatric assessment, and advanced life support in adult and paediatric patients.
His wealth of experience includes the provision of direct clinical care and the planning, management, control and delivery of medical services to events.

Most memorable EMC moment to date: “Working in the Medical Centre at Farnborough International Airshow, when a patient came in with the most bizarre presenting complaint: fizzy blood. I asked him to confirm what he had said as I thought I’d misheard. He repeated “I have fizzy blood” and with that he collapsed in a cardiac arrest.
I lead the team that successfully resuscitated the gentleman and once alive again we transferred him directly to the Cardiac Catheter Lab at the local hospital (where Consultant Cardiologists inserted stents). The gentleman returned to the site the following day, no worse for wear, and with a new clean bill of health. He was back to work in just a week.
It was amazing to have such an impact on this patient’s life and I will never forget to associate fizzy blood with a potential for cardiac arrest.”

Name: Kevin Burchett

EMC Role: Paramedic Manager

Joined EMC: June 2015

Responsibilities at EMC: Manager of Ambulance Staff

Qualifications & Experience: Kevin joined Surrey Ambulance Service in1982, remaining in front line Ambulances for 36 years (with the last 24 as a Paramedic).
In 2000 he joined a new SRV car team in Tongham, before returning to ambulance duties in 2004. Following the merger with Sussex and Kent in 2013 Kevin worked out of Midhurst Ambulance Station. He took early retirement in 2015 but continued his service in a different way, working as a Bank Paramedic for SECAMB at Tangmere Ambulance Station.
In 2018 Kevin trained to become a TRiM (Trauma Risk Management) Practitioner, to look after the welfare of colleagues affected by the sights they see and encounter during the performance of their duties.

Most memorable EMC moment: “I really enjoy the Ironman events the most. The busier, the better as far as I’m concerned, as this is when the Company pulls together to deliver the best possible care for any casualties that come through the door.”

Name: Sally Finlayson

EMC Role: Bookkeeper

Joined EMC: September 2008

Responsibilities at EMC: Day-to-day accounts, bookkeeping and payroll.

Qualifications & Experience: : Plenty of qualifications and experience, but none relating to bookkeeping and accounts until I joined the EMC team and found a role I really enjoyed and that my background suited (I worked in a small business for over 10 years before going self-employed as a software demonstrator/trainer).

Most memorable EMC moment to date: “Almost certainly the 2017 Mince Pie tasting sessions, where the office all tried virtually every brand of mince pie and rated them!
In the work environment, it was probably the day the accounts temp failed to turn up for work, leaving us with no-one able to run payroll or accounts software…so I said I would give it a go – a steep learning curve in many aspects of business continuity would be an understatement.”

Name: Fern Hutchinson

EMC Role: Events Co-ordinator

Joined EMC: January 2014

Responsibilities at EMC: Booking events onto the Portal (our wonderful online staff and event management system) and co-ordinating all aspects of the event through to completion.

Qualifications & Experience: A good scattering of GCSE’s and many years working in Customer Services and Order administration.

Most memorable EMC moment to date: “I’d say my interview and being offered the job. I was launched back into office work after having my kids, a daunting prospect, but I’ve never looked back. Every day is different and enjoyable.”

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