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Why Event Medicine Company Is Better

Depending on the size and type of event you are hosting, most insurance carriers require a medical provider company to be on hand to provide first aid or other medical attention to attendees in the event that they are injured or fall ill while at your event. While event organisers have a duty of care to protect attendees at their event, having properly trained medical professionals on hand in case of an emergency reinforces that mission.

First Aiders Are Not Enough

With that being said, sometimes having a medical provider on staff isn’t enough. Some medical provider companies are known to send first aiders to provide medical attention at events and that could mean something as simple as a bandage and nothing more. This is where Event Medicine Company, (EMC), is different. EMC is owned and operated by healthcare professionals who understand the needs of their clients and their clients’ events.

The Event Medicine Company offers something different, something better, than other event medical provider companies. EMC provides health care professionals as well as ambulance and first aid staff. All of whom have the knowledge and experience to handle any medical emergency from mild to emergent care.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing EMC for your next event:

3 Benefits Of Using Event Medicine Company

Lower Hospital Referral Rate
EMC has a much lower hospital referral rate than other event medical provider companies. This is because Event Medicine Company uses highly trained and certified medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, who provide better care and can prescribe medications. Although first aiders must complete a first aid course by law, they still cannot prescribe medication and aren’t as skilled or experienced as health care professionals.

Financially More Viable
Using EMC also means that you will save money. When you use first aiders, you have to charge VAT by law, but when you use nurses or paramedics, there are no VAT fees.

Having trained nurses and paramedics on duty at your event adds professionalism and gives your attendees the assurance knowing that professional medical care is available if needed.

Contact Event Medicine Company

To learn about more reasons that EMC is the better choice for your next event, contact Event Medicine Company today and speak with a trained and certified medical professional about your event medical provider needs.

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