The training division was established as a result of enquiries we have received at our events. Training courses include first aid, safety and medical training at all levels and for various audiences.


Not just a tick in the box...

We believe that proper first aid training makes a real difference and saves lives. There is no greater reward than hearing someone you have trained has gone on to save a life.

The Training Division views a contract as a partnership. We will take the time to study your organisation and working environment, tailoring courses to meet your individual needs and producing training programmes and scenarios that are directly relevant. We can suggest and supply equipment either separately or as part of an overall package. We focus on delivering training at your premises so students learn in a familiar environment.

Knowledge imparted...

Our trainers are selected for their ability to get the subject over in an effective way, whilst making the training as relaxed and enjoyable an experience as they can. For skills courses an emphasis is placed on practical application. We recognise that our students come from a multitude of work backgrounds and educational experience so sessions are designed to take this into account. Above all we believe that confidence is the key to good patient care so we aim to ensure students finish the course not just competent but also confident.

The majority of our trainers are Paramedics, Nurses and members of HM Armed Forces. We also have a number of Doctors available to teach bespoke advanced courses where needed. Where possible we aim to send you information about your trainer prior to the training session.

Clinical Focus...

Our aim is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to provide effective pre-hospital care until the patient can be handed over to the next stage of care.

We believe in good governance and all our courses are provided under Medical Direction.

We can also draw on specialist advice when required for specific requirements such as Paediatrics, Equality and Diversity and CBRN.


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