The Weather
The Weather

In the outdoor event world the weather can have major impact on an event and its participants.  





From the standpoint of a medical provider extremes of both heat and cold can bring their own problems and contingency plans should be in place for both. 


Before any event note should be taken of the weather forecast as this is as important for staff as it is for the public attending the event. Extremes of heat have been a major risk in recent years and the predictions are for hotter summers over time.

In June 2003 the Event Medicine Company was the first organisation to use a decontamination unit for the treatment of heat illness. At this event 19 patient were treated for heat problems without needing referral to hospital. The Company has had a small decontamination unit since its formation primarily for the management of man-made mineral fibre dust contamination of casualties from aircraft accidents where there is a requirement for clothing to be removed in damped down conditions.

The situation arose once again in the very hot summer of 2006 where at the RAF Waddington Air Show 25 heat-related casualties were treated using the Fire and Rescue Service Mass Decontamination Shower made available by the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service. This was the first time this equipment had been used in this role in the UK and in the words of a Regional Fire Resilience Report into the use declared that it “fulfilled an urgent humanitarian need”.

The Event Medicine Company has developed significant expertise in the management of heat related conditions both in terms of crowds at events and participants in, for example, road running events. 

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