Specialist Services
Specialist Services

The Event Medicine Company has expertise in a number of specialised areas that may be of relevance to a range of clients across the spectrum of the event industry.



Aviation Medicine

The company has a number of specialised doctors who can offer advice on all aspects of this increasingly complex field.


Aeromedical Evacuation

The company has doctors, nurses and paramedics skilled in aeromedical transportation and can therefore provide flight medical and nursing teams who are experienced on a wide range of fixed wing and helicopter types. Current HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) trained paramedics can also be provided to support any air ambulance operations.


Marine Rescue

The Company has the capability to provide trained personnel and appropriate equipment for water rescue both in inland and offshore situations. Trained staff can be provided for clients own rescue boats or a complete solution can be provided.


Medical Close Protection

The Company has expertise working with security services up to Special Branch and Royalty Protection levels. This type of expertise can be useful in the corporate event sector where the presence can be either overt or covert. Appropriate professional staff can also be supplied to travel with any individuals or groups that require medical expertise to be close at hand.


Lost and Found Children

Although not usually considered part of event medical services the Event Medicine Company can provide lost and found children services to any large event either in a stand-alone format or as part of an integrated medical service. At Farnborough International Air Show in 2006, 2008 and 2010 the Event Medicine Company provided the lost and found children’s facilities on the two public days and has been contracted again to do so for the 2012 Show.

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