Medical Control
Medical Control

The Event Medicine Company believe that professional command and control is essential for effective medical provision at events.




 We believe that the "anyone in the office can hold the radio" approach which still exists at some events can lead to serious communication failures. Essentially if anyone at your event needs assistance we aim to have a professional by their side as rapidly as possible and utilising tried and tested methods we regularly average three minutes response times on large complex event sites. The primary aim of medical control is to implement the medical operation plan dynamically whilst keeping the organiser fully briefed about what is happening at their event. We have worked at events where the organiser did not know how many people had been treated at their previous event because the medical provider had not told them. It also provides an alerting and interfacing mechanism should a major incident occur. In line with our philosophy of using professionals, our control team comprises professional staff with extensive experience of working within a variety of control services across the UK including ambulance, police and Search & Rescue. Many also have first hand experience of major incidents. In addition to their "day job" our Control Staff are well versed in the idiosyncrasies of working in the event environment and the unique challenges it presents.

Limited vehicle movements in crowded areas whilst facilitating rapid response, access on complex sites and discrete medical support to VIP/VVIPs are all part of what our team expects to deal with routinely on our deployments. We deploy a standalone medical control facility with modern reliable communications and simple yet effective logging systems that will provide evidence in the event of any enquiry. We believe strongly that inter-agency liaison is vital to smooth running and a safe event. We advocate placing medical control in a combined facility with a representative of the event organiser and the other safety agencies on site such as Police, Fire and Security and Stewarding Services. If requested the Event Medicine Company can provide a full consultancy service on combined event control provision and has the expertise to provide joint Fire and Medical Control if required. With professional staff, familiar with the event industry and experience in challenging control environments with hundreds if not thousands of 999 calls in a shift, you can be assured of a calm professional response from our Control team to any situation that may arise at your event.


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