Major Medical Facilities
Major Medical Facilities

The Event Medicine Company can provide a major Field Medical Facility scaled to handle 200-400 patients. The Field Medical Facility can be established in many sites and can be split into 3 smaller units for use in multiple locations


Possible locations for the Field Medical Facility include:

  • Temporary structures
  • Marquees or tents
  • Schools
  • Church halls
  • Aircraft hangars

RNAS Culdrose CCC

If fully deployed the Field Medical Facility consists of the following appropriately staffed medical capabilities:

Medical Command Team with proven capability of working with NHS, Military or private assets.

Triage and reception facility with decontamination capability

12 resuscitation and assessment teams with equipment to manage 5 priority 1 patients before resupply

Field intensive care unit with 5 beds - Each bed is scaled for 2 patient occupancy with 2 ventilators, 2 monitors and 4 syringe pumps

Primary care/ General Practitioner/ priority 3 casualty assessment area

50 bed holding capability

Evacuation control team

Body holding area

Resuscitation Bay

Potential uses for the Field Medical Facility include:

  • Mass gathering crowd management
  • Second wave support to the Emergency Services at a major incident
  • Support to Local Authorities in large scale evacuation of communities
  • Reception of casualties in the UK from incidents abroad
  • Vaccination centres and facilities in remote locations in pandemic scenarios
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