Logistic Support Services
Logistic Support Services

The size and complexities of some of the events covered by the Event Medicine Company make it essential to have a robust logistic organisation.




The Event Medicine Company has a robust logistic organisation under the direction of our Support Services Manager, that ensures integration with the event organisers over delivery and recovery of its equipment to a site. In addition, the logistic organisation ensures the resupply of all essentials for an effective operation as and when needed.

Our Major Medical Facility as established at many major air shows is now pre-packed in roll cages and is delivered to site in a 40ft articulated lorry fitted with a tail-lift. This makes us much less dependent on fork lift trucks as used to be required in the past when all the equipment was palletised.

The Event Medicine Company's Logistic Team also handles all vehicle hiring for the Company along with more mundane matters of waste disposal such as clinical and other hazardous wastes generated as a result of our operation.

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