Equipment Hire
Equipment awaiting deployment with UKISAR

The Event Medicine Company is willing and able to hire medical equipment to other providers.







Equipment can be supplied as pre-packed modules as used by the Event Medicine Company or specific items depending on need.

To discuss any likely requirements please contact the Event Medicine Company.


Recent clients hiring equipment from the Event Medicdine Company include:-

  • Thundercat Racing Ltd
  • Atlas Helicopters Limited
  • UK International Search and Rescue Team
  • Arsenal Football Club Academy


Conditions of Equipment Hire

  1. The hirer is responsible for ensuring adequate insurance cover is in place for the equipment hired
  2. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that only personnel trained to use the items hired do so.
  3. The Event Medicine Company will not be responsible for the actions of the hirer or his agents as a consequence of lack of training on the equipment hired.
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