Case Study - Farnborough International Air Show
Case Study - Farnborough International Air Show

The Event Medicine Company can advise on the best type of exercise to meet the needs of your organisation or event and work with you to develop and facilitate the exercise.



Farnborough International Ltd, the organisers of the world famous air show utilised the expertise of the Event Medicine Company’s Emergency Planning Team to develop and facilitate two exercises to ensure emergency preparedness arrangements were robust for the 2008 air show.
Exercise CODY was a one day strategic tabletop exercise, using 38 scenarios to test the plans of all agencies involved. The exercise utilised the well established command structures of strategic, tactical and operational, with agencies and organisations allocating appropriate staff to these command roles. Engaging scenarios led to active participation that further enhanced multi-agency working.
Exercise WRIGHT was a one day communications exercise to test the communication arrangements in the Organisers purpose built multi-agency Show Control Office. During the exercise, all the agencies in the Show Control Office had full access to the telephone, radio and e-mail communications, as they would for the air show itself. Scenarios were injected utilising all forms of communication in order to test the resilience of the communication systems and participating agencies along with developing interagency co-operation and response.
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