Bicycle Paramedics
Bicycle Paramedics

We currently operate four bicycles that form our Cycle Response Unit (CRU). The team, all paramedics, are both keen cyclists and experienced on- and off-road cycle responders.



The bicycles are equipped to provide an immediate life-saving response to emergency calls.

A selection of the equipment that can be found on each bicycle is:

  • Defibrillator with cardiac monitoring facility
  • Airway and breathing management devices
  • Oxygen therapy devices including medical gas
  • Diagnostic equipment including blood glucose monitoring

Being staffed by Paramedics means that clinical decisions will be made and delivered in a timely manner to help provide the most positive outcome and appropriate ongoing management of a patient. The equipment enables the Paramedic to manage life threatening conditions such as anaphylaxis, respiratory and cardiac problems as well as other common illnesses/conditions. 


Highly visible, even in low and poor light:

  • Paramedics are all equipped with high visibility jackets.
  • Bicycles have visual and audible warning devices and powerful dual-beam headlights.

Our cycle response unit is available for any event and is particularly suited to those with minimal or no access for road vehicles, being invaluable at mass crowd gatherings.  They also work well to compliment our other fleet services and help complete our medical services at your event.


To date we have successfully deployed our cycle response team at:

  • International Festival of the Sea (mass gathering)
  • Trafalgar 200 event at Southsea (mass gathering)
  • The Adidas Women’s 5k in Hyde Park (road running)
  • Multiple air shows including Farnborough International Air Show (mass gatherings with limited access areas)
  • Triathlon Events (road / off road, many with limited access areas)
  • Outdoor Exhibitions (limited access areas)

More information about our other fleet services can be found here.

If you wish to discuss how our cycle response unit can contribute to the success of your event then please telephone or email us.  We always maintain this unit to be able to offer rapid deployment.  We can also hire our bicycles as a resource to other medical providers as a single fleet resource or staffed to support your overall service provision.

All our bicycles are inspected and serviced annually by an approved bicycle mechanic to ensure the ongoing safety and delivery of our service.  Our team also work to an agreed Standard Operating Procedure. 

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