The Event Medicine Company attends hundreds of events each year and, as a result, we need to access, purchase and maintain large stocks of all kinds of medical equipment and supplies.

One of our ancillary services is hiring equipment and surplus stock to other event medical professionals, fire and rescue emergency service providers, and Search and Rescue (SAR) teams.

This includes providing medical equipment for deployment to overseas disaster sites e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis. floods and earth slides (for these types of emergencies, our warehouse holds supplies for deployment to UK International Search and Rescue teams (UKISAR) at just 4 hours’ notice).


A primary benefit for your agency or organisation is that they will be dealing with knowledgeable staff at our Aldershot Head Office, who are used to distributing medical and first aid supplies for pre-hospital care.

As a customer you’ll also benefit from the established supplier relationships we have with our providers, as well as a fast delivery service.

We supply the same high-quality equipment used by our teams every day. These can be distributed as pre-packed bespoke modules or as individual items (depending on your needs) and can cover everything from first aid/first responder kits to diagnostics, patient handling, patient treatment, and critical care equipment.

Our equipment manifest even includes Decontamination facilities for dealing with incidents involving chemical spills or toxic substances.


Whether you need medical equipment for an individual event, a UK-based emergency or for an international disaster recovery project, your organisation has the reassurance that it is sourcing what it needs via one of the leading event medical cover companies in the UK.

Our experience means your team will receive advice on the most appropriate equipment required for their purposes (and that it has been field-proven). Moreover, our team delivers a personal and efficient service that allows your organisation to deliver quality healthcare that saves lives.

To find out more or to discuss your requirements, please use the two links below to contact us or place an enquiry.

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