The team behind The Event Medicine Company has significant experience in organising pre-hospital medical cover for some of the largest events ever held in the UK.

Our Chairman, Dr Brian Robertson, oversaw medical cover arrangements for the Queen Mother’s funeral in March 2002 (as a Colonel in the British Army, just prior to founding our company the same year). Many of our senior management team and front-line staff have major event/incident knowledge and experience.

That strength-in-depth enables our team to provide consultancy advice to regulatory bodies, event management organisations and emergency planning committees (in direct consultation or as part of Working Groups).

members of The Event Medicine Company management team have provided consultancy for events and organisations that include:

  • UK Athletics
  • The Event Safety Guide (Purple Guide)
  • Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide)

If you need advice and guidance for a major event, including large-scale public events, please contact us to discuss our consultancy services using the link below.


We are recognised for the quality and content of our “Training courses for professionals, by professionals”, which cover four key levels and subjects:

  • Levels 3 & 4 – First Response Emergency Care
  • Level 3 – Safe Administration of Life Saving Medication
  • Level 3 – First Aid at Work
  • Level 3 – Paediatric First Aid at Work (nursery to secondary school age groups)

Training courses can normally be held at your premises, so students learn in a familiar environment. We’ll also work with you to tailor course content to meet your specific needs and produce training scenarios/programmes that support this. All our training courses adhere to Best Practice guidelines (as published by the Health and Safety Executive).

We will also help you with advice on suitable equipment and supplies (and can supply these for you, either separately or as part of an overall package).

Our Training Division was originally established as a direct result of enquiries received at the events we covered. All our trainers have the appropriate regulated qualifications for the course content they deliver, and The Event Medicine Company maintains a robust quality assurance system.

We believe that thorough and correctly delivered first aid training makes a real difference and saves lives. There is no greater reward than hearing someone you have trained has gone on to save a life.

To find out more or to discuss your requirements, please use the two links below to contact us or place an enquiry.

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